Quarantine & Isolation


Separation and restricted movement of ill persons with contagious disease

  • Often in a hospital setting
  • Primarily individual level, may be applied to populations
  • Often voluntary, but may be mandatory
  • Fundamental, commonly used public health practice


Separation and restriction of movement of well persons presumed to have been exposed to the contagion

  • often at home or residential facility
  • may be voluntary or mandatory

Infectious disease: a disease caused by a microorganism and potentially infinitely transferable to new individuals.

May or may not be communicable. Example of non communicable is disease caused by toxins from food poisoning or infection caused by toxins in the environment, such as tetanus.

Communicable disease: an infectious disease that is contagious and which can be transmitted from one source to another by infectious bacteria or viral organisms.

Contagious disease: a very communicable disease capable of spreading rapidly from one person to another by contact or close proximity.

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