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The Wachusett Medical Reserve Corps (WMRC) was federally approved on March 11, 2006 and is based in Hubbardston, Ma. The Wachusett MRC is a 501(c)3 non profit organization with a team approach of government. The Wachusett MRC is one of over 700 units and 200,000 volunteers across the nation. The structure of each MRC unit varies, depending on its own unique requirements and on the needs of the people in the community or communities that it serves. Volunteers donate their time and expertise in the area where they live, making it easier for them to help their own family, neighborhood and community.

MRC units also prepare volunteers through different trainings and other educational opportunities in advance for their roles, helping to ensure a prompt and effective emergency response when needed. MRC volunteers can serve a vital role by assisting their communities with ongoing public health needs. This can be accomplished through community health profiles that identify needs, developing community educational programs, providing screening clinics, working in vaccination clinics, and working with the local health officials as a resource for public health initiatives that they may target as important to their specific community.

Health professionals (current, retired, or otherwise employed) and many others with backgrounds such as clerical, childcare, legal, clergy, are invited to join our MRC to use their skills in many areas such as Clinical Medical Services, Counseling/Social Services, Education, Food and Board Services, Financial Assistance, Administration, Advisory Boards, and as a Legal Consultants to help the organization to grow and shape its future to meet the needs of the communities of north Worcester County.

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